DWG is a united group of companies specializing in various fields of investment and construction process – from functions of the customer, design and construction consulting to turnkey premise commissioning and its further technical operation.

The group of companies covers:

  • Construction — full service construction company;
  • Design — architect’s bureau;
  • Consulting — construction consulting and monitoring, projects management;
  • Service — PROFETEX operation company.

Since 2001 we have been successfully working as a united team in close cooperation of all structural subdivisions. Flexibility, openness of the system and individual approach to all our clients allow reduce time significantly, correct the projects at various stages of services provision and strictly comply with the available budget.

Best Office Awards 2014 for design of Skincare office


  1. Development of concept and pre-design proposals;
  2. Development of “Project” stage including:
    • Architectural solutions
    • Engineering systems
    • Complex fire-fighting system
    • Protection of the environment
    • Other special sections of project
  3. Protection of developed project solutions at approving authorities/Expertise;
    • Development of construction design documentation;
    • Review of construction design documentation prepared by the contractor of the Customer;
    • Protection of concepts of construction design documentation at approving authorities;
    • Development of project documentation for preparation of the construction object;
    • Design of utility networks and engineering constructions;
    • Design of infrastructure facilities.
  • Consulting of foreign architect and the Customer at the stage of front-end engineering design;
  • Review of project documentation development and its adaptation;
  • Issue of project documentation;
  • Protection of project documentation
  • Architectural design of office premises
  • Architectural design of sale premises
  • Styling design


  • Management of technical operation of the object including representation of the Customer’s interests in relationships with government organizations as well as acceptance, preparation and accounting of operation documentation of the Object and management of its energy sources;
  • Technical maintenance of engineering systems of the Object including but not limited to prompt responses at emergency situations, adjustment and preparation to seasonal operation of the equipment


  • Expert judgment of general contractor agreements;
  • Expert judgment of construction project contracts;
  • Legal services for the projects.

This type of consulting is used primary for making decisions concerning purchase of development land for one or another object.

  • Acceptability appraisal of the land in turns of operational use of the Object;
  • Analysis of existing city-planning and engineering encumbrances  and restrictions regarding to the development land;
  • Legal due diligence of the project.
  • Expert judgment of quality of works performed;
  • Detection of deviations from the quality standards;
  • Detection of reasons of deviations;
  • etc.
  • Expert judgment of purpose-oriented use of resources by the borrower;
  • Expert judgment of quality of works performed;
  • Expert judgment of schedule of works performance;
  • Expert judgment of existing legal relations of the project parties;
  • Issue of certificate to a Bank.